Mobile Applications

Our work in Android & IOS app development is meticulously designed & coded, ensure a pleasing experience.



Reebok presents Reeboot. An app that powers your workout with an extra adrenaline boost, using binaural beats to help you go the extra mile. Reeboot embeds the music in your smartphone with binaural beats i.e. two tones of slightly different frequencies.

App Features:
  • Binaural beat button to give you an adrenaline boost
  • Music feature with additional controls
  • GPS tracking, to track your runs, walks, cycling and more
  • Detailed workout stats including pace, distance, time, split timings and calories burnt
  • Workout tracking, to compare workouts over a period of time
  • Share feature to compare workout stats with friends

Supreme Pipes

Supreme Industries limited offers wide range of plastic products with a variety of applications in Moulded Furniture, Storage & Material Handling Products, XF Films & Products, Performance Films, Industrial Moulded Products, Protective Packaging Products, Composite Plastic Products, Plastic Piping System & Petrochemicals.



The beauty products maker, we created a business solution for their marketing department, to track competition, gather customer insights on ground and build marketing innovations.



A patient management system is a unique and powerful tool for Wockhardt Hospitals to keep trackof the patient referrals throughout the care continuum. Its main goal is to improve and streamlinecommunication amongst primary care physicians, specialists, and any other health providersinvolved in a patient’s care. Ultimately, the aim is to improve the overall quality of care beingprovided by increasing transparency, reducing operational inefficiencies, and enhancing existingprocesses for health care in the Wockhardt system.The objective is to provide digital solution to manage patient process by the referring Physicians andGPs with the ease.