Measure the success of your marketing campaigns

Advertising campaign and publicity strategies are practiced in almost every mall to increase the product awareness. Trade shows can create deep and lasting impressions with attendees, give people a space to network and are the perfect platform for you to market your products and bring in sales. Trade shows can be an incredibly expensive investment, however, which is why it is very much necessary to track down the obtained result.

People Counter solution gives you extremely advance option to track down the result. Following are the ways to use people counter to measure it:

  • The number of attendees to your show
  • How they are navigating the event itself
  • Where they are spending most of their time

This is hugely powerful as it means you can measure how many people that attend the trade show also then visit your retail outlets as a result. This not only provides valuable statistics to measure the success of your event but can give you additional insights into what people were engaging with so you can make your next show an even better experience.


Recognize shopping patterns

If you’re only concerning yourself with how shoppers interact with your brand when they arrive at your store or venue, you’re missing out on a huge part of their buying process. There’s substantial research that shows most shoppers browse online stores and make extensive use of online searches before they arrive in-store. This means that most shoppers arrive at your physical store having already done most (if not all) of their pre-purchase research.

Next-generation people counter software tracks the people from your shop as they move within and outside your stores, which gives you real-time insight into the way customers are engaging with you across all channels. It collects the unique signature of each person but collects no personally identifiable information, which makes it possible to identify cross-shopping between your outlets without compromising your customers’ privacy. This data will reveal trends about the way shoppers interact with each of your stores. For example, you might find that shoppers who have visited one of your high-street stores are twice as likely to return as those who visit smaller outlets, or that customers visit both stores, yet only make purchases at one in particular. With these insights, you’ll be able to identify the trends behind shopper behaviour and use these to highlight potential causes for poor engagement at one store and make the appropriate adjustments.


Beneficial for All Business types

For companies whose success relies on the number of feet coming through their doors, people counters are among the most valuable tools that exist.  APPECTUAL ‘S people counter software apart from the competition, for all businesses. Increasingly, companies of all kinds are finding themselves in the business of providing customer experience rather than simply providing a product or a service. customer’s overall experience is central to the success. With the data that people counting software provides, business owners have more information at their disposal to measure churn rates and loyalty data to optimise customer experience. With this on hand, it’s possible to identify common reasons for customer churn and investigate what’s behind this. You can then take steps to remedy the situation and monitor the data to see if it has an impact on churn rates. Similarly, measuring the average time that customers spend at certain places in your venue will help you identify the most and least popular aspects and give you the insight necessary to improve dwell times where they’re lacking.   


Improve customer experience

People say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but actually they do! This also goes to every business having physical space. A customer gets more attracted towards the more attractive visual displays!

A positive customer experience turns a prospect into   a buyer. Powerful visual display matters to turn the customer into a potential buyer.

However, it’s a reality that many retailers are not measuring the experience customers are having in their stores. Managers should be capitalising on every opportunity, especially when it comes to the customer traffic they have worked so hard to generate.  To do this they must go beyond just counting customers as they walk in the door or counting sales at the end of the day. The calculation of conversion rate may be simple, the hard part is deciphering all the factors that formulate a customer’s decision to purchase. Why did they buy or why did they leave without making a purchase? When you think of all the elements that impact a prospect’s decision to buy (pricing, staff, merchandise, in-store displays, promotions, store layout), it can be overwhelming to pinpoint your barriers to a successful customer experience. This is where Appectual’s people counter solution steps in.

APPECTUAL has developed a software which helps to count the footfall of the store, which will help you to understand the dwell time, bounce rates, walk by conversion, customer loyalty, and customer movement. The data allows you to have a deeper understanding of your customers and identify where your customer experience issues are.  We help you ask the right questions and create a strategy to enhance the customer experience in individual stores, or across an entire retail network. By optimizing the experience for your customers, you are optimizing your conversion rates and in turn, increasing sales.

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